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  • When we reach the stage where the manufacturer has agreed to buy the vehicle back or we have gone to trial and a jury has said the vehicle is a lemon the client has two choices :


    If the client decides to exchange the vehicle,the manufacturer is required to replace the vehicle with a new vehicle that is the same as the lemon vehicle.  The manufacturer will be responsible for all fees associated with the vehicle such as sales tax, registration, and other incidental fees. This process can be complicated if there is an existing loan against the vehicle (If the client wants to exchange the vehicle it is important to involve the lender early in the process to deal with the existing loan.)  


    If you opt to have the lemon vehicle repurchased,then you are entitled to the money you paid towards the vehicle, paying off the vehicle loan, sales tax, registration,and other licensing fees.  The manufacturer is allowed under the law to depreciate the mileage put on the vehicle before the initial problem. This Charge Is usually only a minor deduction

    At that point there will be other potential recovers depending on the specific facts of your case find a lemon attorney near me:

    Out of Pocket Costs:   

    Expenses such as rental cars and towing or other speciality items that were added to the car may also be reimbursable.  However Under the law wage loss is not recoverable for time spent dealing with the lemon vehicle.

    Recovery for Consumer’s Attorney Fees and Costs Before Litigation:

    The obligations for paying attorney fees and costs rest on the manufacturer and not on theclient.The manufacturer is obliged to pay the consumer’s legal fees and expenses if he/she wins the case.Lemon law attorneys work on contingency fees bases meaning that if they don’t prevail,then there will be no fee. Lemoncar owners do not have to pay any out-of-pocket fees to make a lemon law claim.

    Civil Penalty at Trial:

    In special circumstances,if the manufacturer forces the case to go to trial,then the court may enforce a civil penalty.  Provided at trial established that the manufacturer willfully violated the law. The law allows for a recovery up to twice the actual damages.  The attorney and the client would discuss the fee arrangement for a civil recovery before trial. Find a lemon law attorney near me.